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Darkhawk Nutrition

AMP (Advanced Muscle Protein) - Vanilla Milkshake

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AMP is a designer whey protein and the most efficient way to feed your starving muscles the protein they need to grow properly after a tiring session of picking up heavy things. You’ll feel it bringing them back to life almost immediately. It digests effortlessly and won’t make you feel bloated or too full to eat your regular meal later.

  • Can't stand whey protein that make you feel bloated or too full to eat your regular meal later? AMP is the solution. It digests effortlessly, doesn’t cause bloating and will satisfy your muscles without making you feel too full.
  • The secret lies in its exceptionally high levels of digestive enzymes that make digestion so easy.
  • Pro tip: With its reputation for helping produce lean, hard muscle gains, without the bloat or water retention experienced with some protein formulas, natural physique athletes regularly use AMP right up to contest day.